Toeta – Sinu heategevus aitab loomade elu muuta!

In order for us to implement projects that increase animal welfare, raise awareness of animal welfare, help identify pets kept in poor conditions, and support low-income people in keeping pets, we need your help!

How can you help?

Become a regular donor!

Together we can change the world! With a monthly donation, you help us to regularly work for the welfare of animals in Estonia.

Make a one-time donation!

Every bit counts! If it is not possible for you to become our regular donor, you can also support our activities with a one-time donation.


If you feel that your skills and knowledge could be of help in improving the welfare of animals and you want to donate your time, come to us as a volunteer!

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If you feel that your home is missing a true friend, check out the list of organizations that are looking for homes for homeless animals.

Instructions for donating

Receiver: Animal Welfare Estonia
Kontonumber: EE551010220297689224 (SEB)

What do we use donations for?

To issue information materials, organize trainings for educational institutions, carry out inspections (if necessary to cover the costs of transporting animals), organize campaigns, organize public events (lectures, training seminars), cover administrative costs, help animals in need.